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Jeunes riches, Jenna et James forment un couple qui pense avoir trouvé une idée pour répondre aux problèmes des sans-abri : Lollilove. Des sucettes qui seront distribuées à tous les sans-domicile fixe. Les friandises seront couvertes d’un emballage illustré par les soins de James...

Ce qu'on en pense sur Variety

The superficial do-gooder impulse is eviscerated with spot-on satire in “LolliLove,” a chuckle-packed and satisfyingly tasteless mockumentary in which a prosperous young Hollywood couple (real-life spouses Jenna Fischer and James Gunn) endeavor to help the homeless. Cheerfully incorporating their own wedding footage and we’re-dead-serious-but-just-kidding personas, Fischer and Gunn are the bantamweight Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes of their generation. Compact and irreverent pic is a treat for anyone who’s ever looked askance at celeb altruism, as well as fans of Fischer (“The Office”) and Gunn (“Slither”).

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The satire is razor edged as we watch these oblivious nitwits inform the audience about homelessness and other social issues. The vapid philanthropy is contrasted perfectly against their personal self-interest and aggrandisement. What makes the humor work is that they honestly believe that this will help; that this – lollipops for the homeless – will truly make the world a better place. These aren’t bad people but they are hilariously completely self-absorbed.

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  • Movie américain
  • Like: Docu-fiction, comédie satirique
  • Directed by: Jenna Fischer
  • With: Jenna Fischer , James Gunn , Linda Cardellini , Jason Segel
  • Duration: 1h04
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