The bold, the corrupt and the beautiful.

The bold, the corrupt and the beautiful

The Godmother


What is it about ?

Madame Tang collabore et sert de médiatrice entre le gouvernement et les entreprises privées pour le bénéfice de sa famille exclusivement féminine. Mais les choses dérapent quand toute une famille proche de Madame Tang est victime d’un meurtre horrible. L’ambition, le désir et la luxure finissent par changer pour toujours les relations de Tang avec sa propre famille.

Ce qu'on en pense sur IMDB

[...] It is not your usual movie, I had to watch twice to understand the plot. Maybe, I'm slow, but there were so many going on. But once you get it, you will find that there is deeper meaning in each scene. It needs a meticulous heart to enjoy.

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[...]The complexity of characters also allows the actresses to explore their acting performance, and it’s a feast for everyone to watch them act. The audience will be easily satisfied with the performances of experienced actresses Kara Hui We Ke-Xi performance. But when it comes to Vicky Chen, it’s a different story. Vicky Chen, who plays Tang Chen, shows so many layers about how a teenage girl feels when she sees the corruption. Viewers can witness her naive and evil parts at the same time through her eyes and movements. She is only 14 years old, but her performance has already achieved the level that only a few great actresses can reach.[...]

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  • Movie taïwanais
  • Like: Magouilles et bande de filles
  • Directed by: Ya-che Yang
  • With: Ke-Xi Wu , Vicky Chen , Kara Hui
  • Duration: 1h52
  • Movie in VOST

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