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What is it about ?

Pour sauver leur mariage, un couple part en vacances à Buenos Aires promettant à leur fille de filmer leur séjour avec leur caméra. Mais leur voyage vire au cauchemar quand par hasard ils filment un meurtre et se font repérer par le tueur, ils doivent alors fuir pour rester en vie.

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As the situation becomes increasingly dire for Johan and Sara, common sense tends to disappear, with the duo making a number of decision that are, given their precarious situation and the utter hell they’ve been through, absolutely mind-boggling in their shortsightedness. While it’s one thing to say how these people should be acting in such a situation, it’s another to disregard common sense simply to serve the story, something Taped does, particularly toward the end, with enough frequency to remove you from the incredibly real situation they’re in. Through it all, however, Van Rooijen’s tight direction and slow, steady build-up of suspense and action, as well as Atsma and Visser’s strong performances, are enough to overshadow these minor issues, resulting in an incredibly tense and exciting thriller that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.

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  • Movie néerlandais
  • Like: Thriller touristique
  • Directed by: Diederik Van Rooijen
  • With: Barry Atsma , Susan Visser , Dario Levy
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Movie in VOST

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