Spandex Sapiens

Spandex Sapiens

De l'amour et des biscoteaux


What is it about ?

Michael est un catcheur dont le pire ennemi est une transgenre nommée Jessica Love. Jessica menace les valeurs conservatrices de Michael. Spandex Sapiens suit également la vie amoureuse colorée de Michael qui fantasme sur le retour de la politique de l'âge de pierre (ou même des années 80).

Ce qu'on en pense sur IMDB

I found the documentary to be rather slow moving but effective in establishing one of the main protagonists opinions, viewpoints and lifestyle that affects their in-ring persona. The reality is understood that the abrasiveness, the nearly toxic masculinity they displayed is simply themselves. Their vulnerability is apparent, too, and the willingness to be seen that way at times, if it serves their goals. I had almost stopped watching, however, until the other protagonists's story intersected with then became intertwined. Jessica was immediately engaging, as least to me anyway. You could feel their desire, their committment and...goodness, is the first word that comes to mind.

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  • Movie finlandais
  • Like: Docu de la 3ème corde
  • Directed by: Oskari Pastila
  • With: Jessica Love , Michael Majalahti
  • Duration: 1h27
  • Movie in VOST


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